Check out Todd Klein’s process for creating a retro ‘American Gods’ cover

Klein worked with legendary paperback and movie poster artist Robert McGinnis to create a new cover for Neil Gaiman’s book, the first of many from the Gaiman library.

With the American Gods TV show getting a lot of attention right now, demand for Neil Gaiman’s original novel about old gods facing new gods has skyrocketed. Luckily, Gaiman and his publisher were already discussing a new paperback printing of the book — one featuring a cover by Robert McGinnis.

If the name isn’t familiar, no doubt his work probably is. He’s done countless paperback covers and movie posters throughout the years, and in fact first rendered James Bond in that infamous pose holding a gun. Although he’s in his 90s now, McGinnis agreed to paint new covers for all of Gaiman’s books, as Gaiman notes on his blog — starting with American Gods.

Todd Klein joined the project to provide a logo and design for each cover, and on his blog he shares some of the process artwork he went through to determine the final look. Go check it out.


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