Next ‘Dragon Age’ mini features the new viscount of Kirkwall

Dark Horse Comics announced a new Dragon Age miniseries, “Knight Errant,” back in October at NYCC, and now via Polygon they’ve release a few more details on the project.

The good news — actually, the best news — is it will feature Varric Tethras, the perpetual sidekick and all-around charming dwarf from the second and third games, who has risen to the highest seat in his neck of the woods. It sounds like the actual main character is an elven thief named Vaea, “who arrives in Kirkwall just in time for the appointment of the beleaguered city’s latest Viscount.” As players of the “Trespasser” downloadable content know, that would be none other than Varric, who took the job after leaving the Inquisition. Presumably this story will take place before “Trespasser,” since Varric was already viscount at that point. And with the cover featuring the red lyrium statue of Meredith:

and knowing what we do about red lyrium after the third game, I’m sure that’ll play into the story as well.

Dragon Age: Knight Errant, a five-issue miniseries, is written by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir, with art by Fernando Heinz Furukawa and covers by Sachin Teng. Teng did covers for the really excellent Dragon Age: Magekiller mini, which was written by Greg Rucka. The first issue comes out in May.

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