Gerard Way’s Cave Carson song gets a Record Store Day release

A limited-edition picture disc featuring “Into the Cave We Wander” and a new comics story by Way and Mike Allred will hit record shops April 22.

The Future Heart has a list of this year’s confirmed Record Store Day offerings, and one in particular should appeal to fans of DC’s Young Animal comic: Gerard Way’s ‘Into the Cave We Wander,’ a song about Cave Carson recorded by Way and his former My Chemical Romance band mate Ray Toro.

DC Comics originally gave away cassettes of the song at last year’s New York Comic Con. The 12″ picture disc being released on April 22 will include a 40-page comic and a poster:

Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) – Into the Cave We Wander [12 ”] (Picture Disc, 40-page comic book, poster, two new recordings, clear vinyl sleeve, limited to 5000, indie-retail exclusive)

Per a Twitter post from Lola + G, the comic will feature a new three-page tale by Way and artist Michael Allred, along with previews of Doom Patrol, Shade, Mother Panic, and, of course, Cave Carson. The poster is by Nick Derington and will feature characters from each series:

Allred’s upcoming Bug comic is part of the Young Animal, so perhaps the new tale will feature the Kirby creation. In any event, check out your local record shop on April 22 to find out for sure.

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