Michel Fiffe launches Patreon to fund new comic, ‘Negativeland’

For $3 a month, see pages from the comic each week as Fiffe creates them.

After creating 30+ issues of his self-published hit Copra, Michel Fiffe has started a Patreon fundraising campaign to help fund a new comic called Negativeland.

“I’m in a unique position of having juggled every aspect of the production chain for the 30-plus comics in the Copra Press catalog,” Fiffe wrote on the campaign page. “Meaning that aside from creating a 24-page, full-color comic on a regular basis, I also take care of the business side of things: from shipping and handling to inventory and distribution. It’s all part of the experience, but it leaves little room to develop new projects. That’s where you come in!”

For those not familiar with the site, Patreon allows fans to become “patrons” of their favorite creators by contributing money to them on a regular basis, usually in exchange for different rewards, like access to behind-the-scenes sketches and information. In Fiffe’s case, he’ll share a new full-color comic book page from Negativeland once a week for anyone who has donated $3 a month. Pledging $5 a month will get you a signed and numbered print copy of the first issue when it is released.

The new comic will tie into the larger Copra universe, and Fiffe hints that you might have seen the cast already in the pages of Copra #27. Head over to Patreon to learn more.

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