IDW announces ‘Jem and the Holograms’ anthology series

Kate Leth, Tana Ford, Sophie Campbell and more lined up to contribute stories.

IDW Publishing has announced a new anthology series set in the world of Jem and the Holograms. The series will feature rotating creatives teams and two stories in each issue, starting with Kate Leth, Tana Ford and original Jem and the Holograms artist Sophie Campbell.

“Sophie, along with series regular writer Kelly Thompson, took the classic Jem and the Holograms concept, and reimagined it for a new generation of Jem fans,” said Sarah Gaydos, IDW Group Editor, in a press release. “Now, with Dimensions, the floodgates have been opened for creators new to Jem to come play in Kelly and Sophie’s arena for an all-star jam session.”

IDW rolled a 20 in recruiting Leth and Ford, who will work together on a Dungeons and Dragons game night story featuring the band. Campbell will write and draw a story about the Misfits, the Hologram’s rivals, as their ski trip goes south thanks to Pizzazz’s cat.

Look for the first issue in November, with covers by Ford, Campbell, M. Victoria Robado and Derek Charm.

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