Fantastic Four gets the ‘Grand Design’ treatment courtesy of Tom Scioli

The two-issue series kicks off in October.

Fans of Tom Scioli‘s creative and inspired approach to comics are in for a treat — the creator behind American Barbarian, Go-Bots and Transformers vs. G.I. Joe will turn his attention to Marvel’s first family in Fantastic Four: Grand Design.

Fantastic Four is like the Magna Carta of Marvel, this founding document, so being allowed to get my hands on it is thrilling,” Scioli told “They’ve given me a tremendous amount of creative freedom to just go for it.”

Scioli spoke in depth about the project with Jim Rugg and another creator who has some experience with re-imagining Marvel properties, X-Men: Grand Design creator Ed Piskor. The two hosted Scioli for a long chat on their Cartoonist Kayfabe program on YouTube:

Like Piskor’s take on the X-Men, FF:GD will unify decades of Fantastic Four into a single narrative. He said he’s still working out how far the series will go, but expect to see a lot of the Watcher, Galactus and even a tie-in to the X-Men story “Days of Future Past.”

The two-issue series starts in October. Piskor will provide a variant cover for the first issue:

And here are some preview pages:

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