‘Red Rain’ Batman sinks his teeth into ‘Secrets of Sinister House’ one-shot

DC’s annual Halloween anthology features new stories by John Layman, Paul Dini, Rafael Albuquerque, Tom Raney and more.

DC’s annual Halloween anthology will return in October with a new story set in the world of Batman & Dracula: Red Rain, among other stories.

Rafael Scavone and Rafael Albuquerque will co-write the story about vampire Batman, with art by Rafael Albuquerque. Albuquerque’s the co-creator of American Vampire, so he’s very familiar with fanged monsters. Released in the 1990s and created by Dog Moench and Kelley Jones, Red Rain was one of the earliest “Elseworlds” stories published by DC. It spawned two sequels.

In addition to the Red Rain tale, the one-shot will also feature:

  • An awesome cover by John Romita Jr. inked by Bill Sienkiewicz. I’m not sure what it is about their collaboration, but I’ve always loved what they’ve done together since seeing their work in Avengers Annual #16.
  • a Constantine story written by Bryan Hill, with art by Alessandro Vitti.
  • Paul Dini writing an 10-page Harley Quinn & Zatanna short with art by Cian Tormey.
  • The Atom written by Dan Watters with art by Sumit Kumar
  • A Justice League Dark story written by Robbie Thompson with art by Tom Raney
  • A haunted house short story, “House of the Dead,” written by John Layman with art by Jorge Fornes.

The 80-page one-shot arrives Oct. 2.

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