Vault’s Wonderbound imprint to publish Sam Beck’s ‘Verse’

The Young Adult fantasy webcomic will arrive in print in Fall 2021.

Sam Beck‘s excellent webcomic Verse is coming to print, as part of Vault Comics’ Wonderbound imprint. The book is due out in Fall of 2021.

“The story of a shared journey is one that feels timeless,” Beck said in the press release. “It isn’t the promise of adventure or the fantastical things you unearth that draw us back to them. It’s getting to see how each character grows and develops along it, testing the bonds they form over and over again. And even when paths diverge, as they often do, seeing how they manage to find a way back to each other.”

Vault’s Wonderbound imprint, formerly known as Myriad, was first announced back in 2018. The name change was announced in September, and the imprint is under the guidance of Managing Editor Rebecca “Tay” Taylor. They plan to start releasing books next summer.

Per the publisher, “Verse is the story of Fife, who lives in a world where magic is feared–only the evil monsters known as Vell are known to use it. But when Fife discovers a young girl with mysterious powers, everything he ever thought he knew is turned on its head. Forging a friendship that will change the course of their society, Fife and Neitya take their first steps on an epic adventure through an unforgettable world.”

Beck has pulled down the webcomic in anticipation of the print release, but don’t worry — she says it’ll be back. “What does that mean for the webcomic? Well for now it’s not online, but once Book 1 is released it will be back and so will Book 2 & 3 eventually,” she said in her email newsletter this week. “I’m currently working on Book 2 and if you’re keen on getting some more in-depth sneak peeks I post things intermittently on my Patreon.”

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