Sgt. Rock takes on ‘Army of the Dead’ in a new miniseries from Campbell + Risso

The first issue arrives in September.

Bruce Campbell, who has literally fought zombies*, will put what he learned to good use in DC Horror Presents: Sgt. Rock Vs. The Army of the Dead. Eduardo Risso will illustrate the six-issue series.

Campbell has appeared in numerous televisions shows and movies over the years, including Burn Notice, The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., Evil Dead, Army of Darkness and most recently he had a cameo role in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Risso is probably best known for his work on 100 Bullets, the long-running Vertigo series.

Here’s the description from DC:

The story begins in Berlin, 1944. The Nazis are flanked on all fronts by the combined Allied forces, and defeat seems inevitable. In a last-ditch effort to turn the tide of the war, Hitler and his team of evil scientists create a serum that resurrects their dead soldiers, creating an army of the dead even stronger than they were in life.

Sgt. Rock, hero of the European Theatre, and his Easy Company find themselves dispatched into enemy territory to face off against the strangest, most horrific enemies they’ve encountered yet: Nazi Zombies.

The first issue will come with an assortment of variant covers, as these things do, including “a Duffel Bag Gore variant cover” by Frank Quitely that DC said was “too gruesome to even show you.” What they can, and did, show us are covers by Charlie Adlard, Pia Guerra and Francesco Francavilla:

The first issue arrives Sept. 27.


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