‘Onyx,’ ‘The Mighty’ find a new home at Image

Both titles will arrive in September.

Two projected originally published elsewhere have found a new home at Image Comics.

First up is Onyx, which was originally published by IDW Publishing in 2015. It’s a science fiction tale by artist Gabriel Rodriguez, colorist Jay Fotos and writer Chris Ryall. Today Image announced a one-shot simply called Onyx coming from Syzygy, Ryall’s venture with Ashley Wood that publishes through Image.

Onyx came from the idea of doing a story that would be our love letter to sci-fi adventure comics from our childhoods and also ‘80s action movies, but ended up becoming much more,” said Rodriguez. “Mainly because our heroine came to life in a much deeper, more vivid and intriguing way than we expected. We didn’t just want to join her on this ride, we wanted to explore her psyche and her soul through a non-stop adventure set in a world as rich, thrilling and fun as we thought she deserved. Hopefully, our readers will discover in her a character to root for here and want to see more of in future books, too.”

In addition, Image will publish a new edition of The Mighty, the superhero tale by Peter J. Tomasi, Keith Champagne, Chris Samnee and Peter Snejbjerg that was published by DC Comics about 13 years ago.

This new edition of The Mighty will feature a new cover by Dave Johnson and will collect all 12 issues of the series. It will also include three rare eight-page stories, behind-the-scenes sketches and scripts. The Mighty was a very well-reviewed and well-regarded series when it was first published, although it flew under the radar with a lot of fans back then.

“Some books simply never get a chance to find an audience in such a crowded marketplace, and The Mighty, in my opinion, was one of those books, so we’re really excited that Image has stepped up to produce this new edition,” said Tomasi. “A lot of heart and care went into its production, and readers will be able to eyeball the wonderful artwork and color by Chris Samnee, Peter Snejbjerg, John Kalisz, and, of course, the amazing new cover by Dave Johnson.”

The story is about a Superman-esque hero named Alpha One who is seen as mankind’s savior, but behind the scenes he’s got plans that actually make him pretty dangerous. If you’re a fan of The Boys or Irredeemable, this will appeal to you.

Both Onyx and The Mighty arrive from Image in September.

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  1. It’s a reprint of the original series. IDW’s trade was 112 pages, and this one is listed as 96 pages, so I’m not sure what’s been subtracted from it.

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