J.M. DeMatteis returns to Spider-Man + Kraven for ‘The Lost Hunt’

Eder Messias will provide the art for the five-issue miniseries.

J.M. DeMatteis, who wrote one of the best and most popular Spider-Man stories of all time, “Kraven’s Last Hunt,” will return to both characters in a new miniseries in November.

Like many of Marvel’s recent projects, Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt isn’t set in the present day Marvel U. — it’s set around the time of Spider-Man: The Final Adventure, when Ben Reilly took over as Spider-Man in New York and a powerless Peter Parker settled down with Mary Jane on the opposite coast. A run-in with a man from Kraven’s past will allow DeMatteis to “dive into Kraven’s origins, revealing secrets and answering mysteries Spidey fans have been waiting for.”

Here’s the description from Marvel:

As Peter Parker and Mary Jane prepare for their new lives in Portland, a man from Kraven’s past stalks them. Who is this mystery man, and what does he want with Spider-Man? Find out when we return to the time period after SPIDER-MAN: THE FINAL ADVENTURE when Peter Parker was powerless!

Check out the cover, above, by Ryan Brown. Eder Messias will provide interior art. The five-issue miniseries starts in November.

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