Artists unite for ‘shiny and chrome’ Fury Road Fan Zine

Furiosa and the crew ride again in a new fanzine collecting fan art based on “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

One of the things I find fun about Tumblr is seeing how much influence pop culture has on the many artists I follow. For instance, “black suit” Daredevil was all the rage when the Netflix series debuted, while Mad Men tribute pieces had their day when the series ended. And let’s not even get into Donald Trump. But the one thing that’s really made a huge impact — I still see new images in my feed to this day — is George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road.

It’s no surprise, especially considering how the movie resonated with audiences. Two fans, Megan and Kera, also noticed all this fan art, and they’ve recruited about 80 artists to contribute their pieces to Fury Road Fan Zine. The project is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter so they can print up 220 copies for backers.

Although they loved the movie, they write on their Kickstarter page about their one disappointment:

But we were incredibly disappointed at the lack of merchandise available. Where’s our Bloodbag masks? Where’s our Valkyrie crow feather jackets? Where’s our Furiosa action figures?

(Really — where are the Furiosa action figures? That seems like something someone should start a petition about … oh, they did).

Megan and Kera plan to donate any extra money from the project to an as-yet-undecided women’s shelter. You can find a complete list of contributors, which includes comic artist Kris Anka, right here.


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