Jeff Smith, Keith Knight, Peter Kuper and more turn their pens to the presidential election

With Comic-Con and the Republican National Convention occurring in the same week, The Guardian enlisted several cartoonists to draw their renditions of Trump and more.

Comic-Con International wasn’t the only convention happening in the United States last week; there was another convention with crazier, more colorful characters living in a fantasy world — the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. To mark this confluence of events, The Guardian asked several comic artists to turn their artistic talents to that other convention and the upcoming election.

Bone creator Jeff Smith, as you can see below, used “The Emperor’s New Clothes” as an analogy to presidential nominee Donald Trump — which yes, means he drew Trump naked, so be warned. Other cartoonists who participated included Peter Kuper, Molly Crabapple, Darrin Bell, Matt Kindt, Keith Knight and Johnie Christmas. Check out the rest of them at The Guardian.


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