Watch the trailer for Tom Gauld’s ‘Mooncop’

A cop hunts for a lost dog on the moon in the new graphic novel from Drawn & Quarterly.

Drawn & Quarterly’s 2016 Free Comic Book Day offering sent Tom Gauld’s Mooncop to the top of my “most anticipated fall releases” list, and as of now we’re only a week away before it drops. With that in mind, here are a couple of items to whet the appetite. First, our old friend Graeme McMillan spoke with Gauld for Wired and shared five reasons Mooncop will be your new favorite graphic novel. In the piece, Gauld explains where the idea came from in the first place:

“The idea of a cop on the moon came from a 1960s tin toy I saw, which was a car with ‘Space Patrol’ on the side and a robot driver in a glass dome wielding a laser cannon,” Gauld told Wired. “The packaging showed the car on a deserted moon, with the Earth in the black sky above. The toy suggested a future where not only had we colonized the moon, but the enterprise was successful enough that it required a heavily-armed police force. I began to imagine the life of a lonely policeman patrolling the moon and the story grew from there.”

And second, D+Q has released a trailer for the book, which you can view below:

Mooncop: A New Graphic Novel by Tom Gauld from Drawn & Quarterly on Vimeo.

Mooncop arrives in stores Sept. 20.


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