Celebrate Banned Books Week with Humble Bundle’s ‘forbidden’ offer

The digital comics site is offering material from Matt Furie, Spain Rodriguez, Johnny Ryan, Simon Hanselmann and more to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

To help celebrate Banned Books Week, which kicks off on Sunday, Huumble Bundle is offering several “forbidden” books and comics — i.e. material that has been banned or censored in one form or another at various times.

If you aren’t familiar with the service, Humble Bundle works like this: for two weeks, they’ll offer a selection of digital books and comics and allow you to pay what you want — as little as a penny. In this case, that first tier gets you a selection of Liberty Annuals from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Boy’s Club by Matt Furie, SHE: The Big Bitch Anthology by Spain Rodriguez and Barefoot Gen Vol 1: A Cartoon Story of Hiroshima by Keiji Nakazawa, among others. However, if you pay $8 or more, you also get tier two, which includes the first Saga trade paperback, Angry Youth Comix by Johnny Ryan, Megahex by Simon Hanselmann and more. $15 or more opens up tier three, which includes material from Robert Crumb, Mark Bode, Jaime Hernandez and more.

Like everything sold as part of a Humble Bundle, these are DRM-free digital files, available in several formats. It’s more than $300 worth of books, and you can choose how much of the purchase price goes to the publishers, how much to Humble Bundle and how much to charity — in this case, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

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