Dynamite picks up ‘Blood Brothers’

Successful Kickstarter by Fabian Rangel Jr. and Javier Caba finds a publisher.

Fresh off last year’s successful Kickstarter campaign, Fabian Rangel Jr. and Javier Caba’s Blood Brothers has landed at Dynamite Entertainment.

“Fabian and Javier’s supernatural detective series is another perfect addition to Dynamite’s growing line of crime comics, with an incredibly original take on the genre,” said Dynamite CEO and Publisher Nick Barrucci in a press release. “The story is fun, and the art perfectly illustrates a colorful world of the supernatural and fantasy unlike anything else on shelves right now.”

I interviewed Rangel about the book last year, and he described it as a story “about two detectives trying to solve a museum theft. It’s about these two brothers who both have unique abilities, and how they use them in a city populated by creatures from fantasy and mythology.”

While the Kickstarter was for a 104-page graphic novel, Dynamite plans to release it as a miniseries starting in June.

Blood Brothers is the comic that I’d like to read. Since the beginning I was absorbed by the story and it was so easy to imagine this astonishing universe, full of monsters and cool characters,” Caba said in the release. “I love drawing all of them, because I can dip into all my pop background — old-fashioned movies, novels, and EC Comics — as well as let myself flow and create them from nothing.”

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