You can now buy Gerard Way’s Young Animal-themed record online

The limited edition picture disc featuring Gerard Way’s theme song for Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye that the singer released on Record Store Day is now available in his online store.

Last year the former My Chemical Romance singer and current curator of DC Comics’ Young Animal imprint recorded the song, titled “Into the Cave We Wander,” with Ray Toro. He then handed out tapes of it at New York Comic Con.

Last month, for the annual Record Store Day promotion, he released the picture disc — a record with an image on it, which you can see below — along with a 40-page Young Animal comic book that featured previews of the line’s various titles and three new pages by Way and Bug artist Michael Allred. Nick Derington, who works with Way on Doom Patrol, provided the comic’s cover. A poster rounded out the package. The record includes two tracks: “Into The Cave We Wander” and “Film Excerpt – Poggy’s Cavern,” and was limited to 5,000 copies.

Visit Way’s site to buy a copy, and you can listen to the first track on it here while watching Cave Carson artist Michael Oeming draw.

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