The comic industry remembers Tim O’Shea

On the morning of April 30th, Smash Pages lost our co-founder, contributor, and friend, Tim O’Shea from glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. Our own JK Parkin wrote a touching memorial on Sunday. Tim’s funeral service will be held at the Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church in Atlanta, GA on Saturday, May 20th. More details and virtual guest book can be found here.

Over the last few days, touching tributes to Tim appeared on social media, praising his passion and contributions to the comic industry.

Ben Morse, Editorial Director of Marvel Digital Media:

Alex Segura, writer and PR of Archie Comics, founder of The Great Curve:

Joey Weiser, cartoonist, Mermin and Spongebob Comics:

Joshua Hale Fialkov, writer, Elk’s Run and The Bunker:

Tom Fowler, cartoonist, Quantum & Woody, Hulk: Season One:

Alejandro Arbano, editor, Valiant Comics:

Bruce McCorkindale, inker, Godzilla, Green Hornet:

Peter Krause, cartoonist, Irredeemable, Insufferable, Power of Shazam:

Katherine Keller, editrix,

Mike Norton, cartoonist, Battlepug:

Greg Pak, writer, Planet Hulk, Totally Awesome Hulk, Weapon X:

Sam Humphries, writer, Green Lanterns, Our Love Is Real:

Jason Horn, cartoonist, Power Skull:

Clayton Cowles, letterer, Star Wars, Batman, The Wicked + the Devine:

Patrick Dean, cartoonist, The Blizzard of 1993:

J.L. Mast, artist, Daredevil/Punisher, Guardians of the Galaxy:

Mark Andrew Smith, writer, Gladstone School for World Conquerors:

Neil Kleid, art director, writer/letterer, Kings and Canvas:

Van Jensen, writer, The Flash, James Bond, Cryptocracy:

Dave Scheidt, writer, Adventure Time, Aw Yeah Comics:

Tom Feister, cartoonist, Grand Passion, Ex Machina:

Sandy Jarrell, cartoonist, Reggie & Me, Meteor Men, Batman ’66:

Phillip Hester, writer, artist, The Wretch, The Black Terror, The Coffin

Jamie S. Rich, group editor, Vertigo Comics:

Paul Allor, writer, TMNT, Clue, GI Joe, Tet, Strange Nation

Dan Slott, writer, Amazing Spider-Man, Silver Surfer:

Tom Spurgeon, blogger, The Comics Reporter:

Jason Copland, artist, Kill All Monsters:

John Jackson Miller, writer, Mass Effect, Star Wars:

JL Mast, artist, Daredevil/Punisher Seventh Circle:

Zack Smith, writer, Newsarama, Independent Weekly:

Dean Haspiel, writer, artist, Billy Dogma, The Quitter, Keyhole:

Heidi MacDonald, blogger, The Beat (full post here):

Tim was part of the starting line-up of The Great Curve, a blog started by Alex Segura that went on to become Blog@Newsarama and then Robot 6. Ah the great days of comics blogging! Tim was one of the foundational members of that group, with solid work and insights. More than that, he was a guy with a huge heart, just one of the nicest, sweetest people[…] Tim touched many people, myself included, and he won’t be forgotten.

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