Cloonan’s minicomics get the ‘director’s cut’ treatment in July

Image will collect Becky Cloonan’s ‘The Mire,” ‘Wolves’ and “Demeter’ into a trade paperback with colors by Lee Loughridge.

Over the years Becky Cloonan has released a series of delightful minicomics, including Wolves, Demeter and The Mire. Following the release of a limited-edition hardcover collection back in 2014, Image Comics will now release a “director’s cut” trade paperback of the three minicomics.

By Chance or Providence will include the three previously black and white minicomics, now with colors by Lee Loughridge, as well as a sketchbook/illustration section.

“Out of all the comics I’ve worked on, the stories in By Chance or Providence remain some of the most personal, the closest to my heart,” Cloonan said in a statement. “I’m so happy to have the chance to publish them with Image, this time as a ‘director’s cut,’ with lush colors by Lee Loughridge. I hope one day I can return to these characters and spend more time in this world, but until then…”

By Chance or Providence arrives in comic shops July 26 and in bookstores on Aug. 1.

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