Sunday Comics: The best of what’s online

This week, we’re starting a new feature: A roundup of the best comics we’ve seen online in the past week. If we missed something, let us know in the comments!

The Slavemaster’s Son

First up! The article everyone was talking about (at least on my Facebook feed) was Alex Tizon’s My Family’s Slave, the story of his family’s relationship with Eudocia Tomas Pulido, who was “given” to his mother when she was young and lived with the family her whole life, most of it as an unpaid, and frequently mistreated, servant. The article has spurred a lively discussion, and Sukjong Hong’s The Slavemaster’s Son, posted at The Nib, sums up many of the issues that people had with it.

Witch Camp

Melanie Gillman, the creator of As the Crow Flies, has posted an autobiographical comic with a similar style and setting, Witch Camp. As the Crow Flies is a story about a queer teenager at a Christian camp; Witch Camp is a story about Gillman’s own experience at summer camp. If you like Gillman’s work, check out As the Crow Flies and consider contributing to the Kickstarter to get the story into print.

Highlands and Islands

Katriona Chapman took a trip to the Scottish Highlands recently and recorded it in a lovely diary comic, Highlands and Islands. Actually, what’s linked here is just part one. She has a nice, smooth way of rendering natural features that gives the feel of the landscape without overwhelming the eye with detail.

Wordless Gag Cartoons

At Mike Lynch’s blog, Dick Buchanan shares some classic panel cartoons from 1946-1963 that rely on sight gags for their humor—although it’s interesting that most of them incorporate some words, in the form of signs and other indicators.

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