Tank Girl strikes again in new comic from Alan Martin and Brett Parson

Titan Comics celebrates the character’s 30th anniversary with four standalone adventures under the banner “The Wonderful World of Tank Girl.”

Just in time for her 30th anniversary, Titan Comics is bringing Tank Girl back in a series of standalone adventures. First up is Tank Girl Strikes Again by Tank Girl co-creator Alan Martin and artist Brett Parson.

“In Tank Girl Strikes Again, our anti-heroes try to pull off their biggest caper ever, but, thanks to Booga’s gormless plotting, they barely escape with their lives. This is Tank Girl on true classic, chaotic, idiotic form,” Titan said in a statement.

Martin and Jamie Hewlett created Tank Girl in 1988, and the comic ran in the UK’s Deadline magazine until 1995. The strips were eventually collected and reprinted around the world, including in the U.S. by Dark Horse Comics. Subsequent Tank Girl comics were published by DC’s Vertigo imprint and IDW before Titan picked up the license. They’ve published several new Tank Girl stories over the past five years, including the recent “Tank Girl Trilogy,” and have reprinted collections of the older material as well. The character has also appeared in prose and film.

The first issue of Tank Girl Strikes Again arrives Oct. 4. Check out its four covers below:

by Brett Parson
by Brett Parson
by Alan Martin
by Chris Wahl

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