Comics Lowdown: Diversity reigns at Lion Forge

Also: Who is the writer of Death Note? Victoria Jamieson, drawing and depression, big list o’ cons this weekend and more!

Diversity in All Things, Including Diversity: Lion Forge senior editor Joe Illidge talks about Catalyst Prime, his company’s new superhero universe that emphasizes diversity in its characters and creators:

“We don’t always want to do straight lines, because in a weird way that segregates talent,” Illidge said. “That only says, well if you’re black, you can only write black characters or if you’re a woman you can only write a female character. We want to show that we can expand beyond that.”

Interviews and Profiles

Faire Lady: Victoria Jamieson, the author of the Newbery Honor graphic novel Roller Girl, talks about how she came to the medium, what she struggles with, and the backstory of her new book, All’s Faire in Middle School, which has a Renaissance Faire as its backdrop:

In my high school we had to volunteer somewhere, and one of my friends’ parents owned a shop at the Renaissance Faire. I used to go with two of my best friends. We just had the best time. We were supposed to be volunteering but actually we just laughed and ate a lot of sugar and were stalking this juggler that we had a crush on. The character of Kit was definitely based on that juggler. He’s still around; I went to a fair in Oregon a year or two ago and there he was.

Mystery Man: The Death Note movie starts streaming today on Netflix, and that’s as good a reason as any to take a look at its enigmatic writer, Tsugumi Ohba.

Comics and Mental Illness: Keiler Roberts and Sina Grace talk about drawing comics about their depression.

Local Hero: Molly Boyle profiles Native American cartoonist Ricardo Caté, who draws the one-panel comic Without Reservations for two New Mexico papers.

You recognized him?

Of course I recognized him! You don’t forget your juggling crush. I brought him an early copy of the book.

Conventions and Festivals

Lots of events going on this weekend! Here’s a look at a few:

Amazing Hawaii Comic Con
Capital City Comic Con
Comic Con Palm Springs
Fort Collins Comic Con
Las Cruces Comic Con

And in some other comic con news:

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will speak at Tokyo Comic-Con in December

Wizard World announces a Biloxi, Mississippi, show in October

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