Kenan Yarar joins Mike Carey on Dynamite’s ‘Barbarella’ comic

New series launches in December.

Dynamite Entertainment has announced artist Kenan Yarar will join writer Mike Carey on their upcoming Barbarella comic.

To coincide with the 55th anniversary of Barbarella, Dynamite will launch the new comic in December. Jean-Marc Lofficier, custodian of the Barbarella brand, will join Carey as supervisor on the project.

“When I was first told of Dynamite Editor Matt Idelson’s Barbarella project, I thought it was fascinating,” Yarar said in a press release. “Even though Barbarella is unruly, bold, attractive and sexually appealing, she wasn’t objectified and she has a strange universe that may lead to countless eccentric worlds. The thing that compelled me to absolutely take part in this project was reading Mike Carey’s script. The script was masterful and enjoyable in addition to having a solid philosophy and subtext to be the answer if someone bothered to ask me what kind of a comic book I’d like to work on as an artist. Also, the script demanded costumes, weapons, ships and worlds to be redesigned; the kind of work I delight in. I hope to present the script and Barbarella to Dynamite readers as fine and sophisticated as they truly are.”

Check out some of Yarar’s work thus far:

And I kind of loved this bio of Yarar included with the press release:

Kenan Yarar was born in 1970 in Kayseri, Turkey. When he was one-year old, Yarar’s family moved to Istanbul where he continued his formal education through high school. At that point, he willingly decided to cease his formal education since it was weary and inadequate for his artistic and penciling skills which were already noticed. Yarar looked at several media to channel his art. Although he got many jobs as a graphic designer and cartoonist, his sequential art tendency was noticed by comic book masters in every newspaper he worked at. Yarar got almost all the support and sequential art training at that era in his life. When he was 21, his comic works started to be published in small magazines. Soon after that his stories and art style caught interest and along with increasing sales trend for monthly and weekly publications he started to regularly create comic work. The most important character created by Yarar is Hilal, a beautiful and rebellious girl with school problems which has the devil stalking her ever in disguise. He also penciled short stories and Tales of Psychosis in which he illustrated dark stories of urban life and urban people dramas and absurdities. Kenan Yarar has been writing and illustrating comic books regularly for the last 25 years. He lives in an apartment which he uses as a home studio and shares it with a crow, a pigeon and a cat.

And here’s a look at the slew of covers for that first issue:

by Kenneth Rochafort
by Joe Jusko
by Joseph Linsner
by Robert Hack

by Annie Wu
by Valentine DeLandro

by Veronica Fish
by Kenan Yarar

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