‘A Star Wars Comic’ explores ‘small moments’ from the epic saga

Jim Mello, Alex Ray and Tony Ray bring their interpretations of various Star Wars characters to the web once a month in six finely crafted pages.

I came across the site “A Star Wars Comic” in my Tumblr feed recently, and at first thought that Lucasfilm or Marvel had started up some sort of webcomic project — but as it turns out, it’s actually a fan-made site featuring various comics that spotlight “the small moments, characters, and themes of a galaxy, far far away.” And it’s very impressive.

The comics — there are 19 of them right now, plus an annual — cut across the Star Wars mythos, featuring main characters like Luke and Rey, as well as lesser-explored characters like Mon Mothma, Plo Koon and even “Gonk” the power droid. All the comics are done by Jim Mello, Alex Ray and Tony Ray. Each story (except the annual) is six pages, so they’re very quick, in and out, looks at these characters, and they’re posted once a month on the 25th.

The FAQs emphasize that this is a labor of love for the trio:

Why six-pages? Why only once a month?

Because we have to work and stuff at regular jobs. Because this comic, although awesome, doesn’t, and actually, cannot pay. Like, we get sued if any money comes our way, so don’t get sympathetic. We’d rather make the comic as it brings us joy. Six-pages doesn’t sound like a lot, and sometimes it may not feel like it, but it offers us the chance to explore different facets of the Star Wars universe that we find interesting. Also, we have short attention spans.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, it’s definitely worth a look, both at the comics, and the gallery of concept art.

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