‘She Could Fly’ lifts off from Berger Books

Christopher Cantwell and Martín Morazzo team up for a new title from the Dark Horse Comics imprint.

Dark Horse’s Berger Books imprint, from former Vertigo editor Karen Berger, will add another comic to its flight plan this summer — She Could Fly by writer Christopher Cantwell and artist Martín Morazzo.

Cantwell is the co-creator and showrunner of the AMC drama Halt and Catch Fire, while Morazzo has been the artist on such comics as Nighthawk, Elektra, Great Pacific and Ice Cream Man. Miroslav Mrva, who has worked on Ghosted and Foolkiller, will provide colors.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes the comic:

No one knows who she was, how she flew, or why. Some think it was a government program. Some think it was foreign surveillance. Some think it was all fake. Some are even convinced that it was a religious, transcendent experience happening on earth.

Luna Brewster, a disturbed 15-year-old girl becomes obsessed with learning everything about her while rumors and conspiracy theories roil. Will cracking the secrets of the Flying Woman’s inner life lead to the liberation from her own troubled mind?

“This is what I’ve been waiting to share. My first foray into comics, and my first post-#HaltandCatchFire project,” Cantwell said on Twitter. He continued, “The whole book is pretty graphic. But also pretty. And funny. And scary. This is the kind of comic I’d buy from Lone Star Comics in Dallas and then get freaked out in my room.”

As someone who bought plenty of comics that freaked him out from Lone Star back in the day, I have to say I’m looking forward to this. Look for it in July.

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