First look at Johns/Eaglesham ‘Shazam!’ series

The Marvel family seems to have gotten bigger. Also: ‘Three Jokers’ artwork!

Earlier this year when DC revealed that Geoff Johns would step down as Chief Creative Officer for the company to focus on creating stuff, they mentioned he is working on a new Shazam! series.

At Comic-Con International in San Diego today, Johns shared a first look at artwork from the series by Dale Eaglesham:

That’s a lot of Shazam!s. Shazames!? Sha … uh, let’s just say “Marvels” and leave it at that.

According to DC, the new series starts in November.

In addition, during his spotlight panel Johns discussed his long-gestating project with Jason Fabok, Three Jokers — which will be one of DC’s Black Label projects. Here’s a look:

One thought on “First look at Johns/Eaglesham ‘Shazam!’ series”

  1. It’s the same six Shazam Kids from the Justice League stories: Billy, Mary, Freddy, Pedro, Eugene and Darla.

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