DeConnick + Rocha to take over ‘Aquaman’

DeConnick promises Zeppelin Aquaman — ‘Powerful. Dangerous. Sexy.’

Over bacon and eggs in San Diego this morning, DC Comics publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee spoke with reporters and shared news about a new creative team for AquamanKelly Sue DeConnick and Robson Rocha.

DeConnick is the co-creator of Bitch Planet and Pretty Deadly, both published by Image, and helped revitalize Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel at Marvel. Rocha’s recent work includes Aquaman with current writer Dan Abnett, as well as Green Lanterns, Deathstroke and the Teen Titans Special that introduced the new team.

According to Newsarama, the story finds Arthur Curry washed up on an island with no memory of who he is. While attempting to rediscover who he is, he meets former sea gods that have been forgotten and were also marooned on the island.

As for what to expect, DeConnick broke it down in a unique way on Twitter:

No word yet on when the new creative team will start. I’ve really enjoyed Abnett’s work on the character, so hopefully he’ll have time to wrap up his run in a satisfying fashion.

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