Chelsea Cain to write new ‘Vision’ series for Marvel

The novelist teams up with her husband for a series about Vision and his family.

Chelsea Cain will team up with her husband and fellow writer Marc Mohan for a new series at Marvel starring the Vision and his family. Ultimates 2 artist Aud Koch joins the duo, while Marcos Martin (The Private Eye) will provide covers. And Jordie Bellaire, who colored the previous Vision series, is here for this one as well.

The announcement was made in San Diego this weekend, and it follows the news from last month that Cain and the former Mockingbird creative team are working on a new series at Image Comics called Man-Eaters.

Cain is the author of several novels, including The Night Season, Evil at Heart and One Kick. She also wrote Mockingbird for Marvel, and her final issue featured the now-famous cover of the title character wearing an “Ask me about my feminist agenda” T-shirt. Many terrible people took offense to the shirt and subsequently began harassing Cain on social media; she detailed the lengths one person went to on Twitter yesterday — as well as the support she received during that time:

It’s good to see her back in comics, and not letting these assholes win.

As for The Vision, this series sounds like it picks up where the character’s excellent previous series, by Tom King, Gabriel Hernandez-Walta and Bellaire, left off. It will follow Vision, his daughter Viv and their dog Sparky, as the Vision deals with being a single parent. The new six-part miniseries is due to begin in November.

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