‘Love and Capes’ returns this summer

Thom Zahler’s rom-com comic returns for a fifth volume.

Thom Zahler produced four volumes of his charming Love and Capes series before seemingly sending Mark and Abby off for their happy ending. But now the creator has said on Twitter that he’s planning a fifth volume of the popular series, set to be released this summer.

Although there aren’t a lot of details just yet, he did share two pages of art and some promo art that revealed the subtitle of the new volume — Love and Capes: The Family Way.

The title alludes to the events of the fourth volume, which featured a married Mark and Abby as they experienced pregnancy and the birth of their first child. Here’s what the preview pages look like:

If you haven’t read Love and Capes before, comiXology currently has the first volume on sale. And speaking of Zahler, romance and Valentine’s Day, his new comic, Cupid’s Arrow, debuted on Line Webtoons this week. That should hold you over until L&C returns this summer.

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