‘High Comedic Value’: A bit of truth in every drawing

In the brand-new ‘Alley Cats’ feature, Suzette Chan spotlights webcomics artist Husein.

Welcome to Alley Cats, a new feature by Suzette Chan that focuses on one of our favorite parts of any convention — Artists Alley. Chan spoke to some of the many talented craftspeople and artists at the the 2019 Calgary Expo in late April. This is one in a series of six.

Husein has been drawing a comic per week for the last five years, and has been doing comic conventions for almost as long. This year, he added a new element to his booth: the craft of drawing people as pop culture icons–badly!

High Comedic Value’s Husein among his comics and portraits at Calgary Expo. Photo by Suzette Chan.

At $5 per drawing, he had no lack of takers, drawing 20 in his first two days at this year’s Calgary Expo. I asked him why so many people wanted to be drawn badly.

“There’s a bit of truth in every drawing and people like to see themselves reflected in pop culture even if it’s not perfect,” he said. Why does Husein like to draw people badly? “It’s a fun way to engage with fans.” Husein’s weekly comics can be found online or in printed, collected form at conventions.

Twitter: @legally_brown
Facebook: @highcomedicvalue

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