Lemire offers updates on ‘Inferior Five,’ ‘Family Tree’

Both series will debut this fall.

In his email newsletter, comics creator Jeff Lemire gave updates on two previously announced comic book projects this week.

“My long gestating project with the great PHIL HESTER, called FAMILY TREE, will finally launch in November from Image Comics,” Lemire said. “Phil is working on issue 3 as I write this and I’ve written seven scripts so far. Eric Gapstur will be joining us as the inker, and Ryan Cody will be coloring. Will Dennis is editing.”

Lemire also shared the first page of the first issue:

Family Tree, which is about a girl who literally starts turning into a tree, was announced back in 2017.

In addition, Lemire said that his and Keith Giffen’s Inferior Five series will start in September. The 12-issue series will also feature backup stories starring the Peacemaker, written and drawn by Lemire. He shared a page from it as well, with colors by Jose Villarrubia:

Finally, Lemire gave some hints on his contribution to Marvel #1000, which will feature one-page contributions from a variety of contributors.

“One other fun project I got to do this past month was write and draw a page for the upcoming MARVEL COMICS #1000. Many people seemed to think that I was returning to Marvel in a larger capacity when they saw the ad for this online, but its just the 1-page story. Nonetheless it was a blast. I don’t think I can reveal which character I worked on, but a hint is that he is a Rob Liefeld creation who travels through time.”

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