‘The Nib’ loses funding support from First Look Media

Site editor Matt Bors says he plans to continue The Nib with member support.

First Look Media, which has funded The Nib for the past three years, will drop its support for the political/non-fiction comics site and lay off its staff at the end of July. Editor Matt Bors said he is working with First Look so they can “hand the publication over to me so that I can continue The Nib.”

In addition to the website, Bors also oversees a print edition of The Nib, with the fourth issue scheduled for July. He said a fifth issue is in the works, and he plans to print it independently.

“This will be a major setback but I will be devoting all my time to continuing this publication with contributions from all the editors and cartoonists who have made this publication what it is,” Bors said.

Bors also made an appeal to readers to become members. The publication offers multiple tiers for a monthly fee, with various goodies attached to each. The first issue of the magazine was funded via Kickstarter, bringing in almost $170,000.

Bors launched The Nib in 2013 on the Medium platform. In July of 2016, First Look Media relaunched the site. The Nib has published award-nominated comics from Mike Dawson, Bianca Xunise, Ted Closson, Sarah Winifred Searle, Eleri Harris, and Ben Passmore, among many others.

First Look also announced at the same time plans to shutter Topic Magazine at the end of July as well. Read more from Bors on their current situation on Medium.

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