Black Hammer-verse expands with ‘Skulldigger + Skeleton Boy’

New six-issue series kicks off in December.

With phase one of the Black Hammer story wrapping up with Black Hammer: Age of Doom #12 next month, the obvious question is, what comes next? Dark Horse Comics answered that question about the Jeff lemire/Dean Ormston this weekend at Comic-Con International with the announcement of Skulldigger + Skeleton Boy.

Lemire will team up with artist Tonci Zonjic and letterer Steve Wands on the project, which kicks off in December.

Skulldigger & Skeleton Boy is not only the next book in the Black Hammer Universe, it’s also the first book in the next phase of Black Hammer projects we will be announcing over the coming months,” Lemire told Newsarama. “I’ve been incredibly lucky to work with amazing artists on Black Hammer, and Tonci Zonjic is no exception. His storytelling and artwork in this series is going to blow people away.”

Lemire discussed the future of the Black Hammer universe on his blog earlier this month, noting that even though Age of Doom was ending, there are still plans for it — including a new Black Hammer:

Black Hammer: Age of Doom#12 is the ending I always intended for these heroes, and this story, and I am incredibly grateful to all the retailers and readers who have supported Black Hammer and allowed Dean Ormston, Dave Stewart, Todd Klein, and I to tell the story we wanted to tell on our own terms, exactly how we wanted to tell it.

But, as I said, this is not the end of Black Hammer. It’s simply the end of what we consider “Phase One” of the Black Hammer Universe.

In the coming months we will announce a number of new Black Hammer comics. This will be the start of “Phase II” of the BHU, and the new books will feature both familiar characters we’ve come to love, and also brand new heroes.

And I am also excited to announce that, as the flagship book of “Phase II”  Dean Ormston and I will be creating a new core series featuring Lucy Weber as the all new Black Hammer for 2020.

In addition to the new miniseries, Dark Horse also announced Black Hammer 3 for $1 — a three-in-one anthology features the first issues of the original Black Hammer run, Sherlock Frankenstein, and Quantum Age, as a way to introduce fans to the comics. It comes out Nov. 6, while Skulldigger + Skeleton Boy kicks off Dec. 11.

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