‘Morbius’ returns in a new title by Ayala + Ferreira

The living vampire hunts again this fall.

Spider-Man villain Morbius will get another shot at a miniseries this fall, as Vita Ayala and Marcelo Ferreira team up on new tales of the living vampire.

Cover by Ryan Brown

Here’s how Marvel describes the series: Michael Morbius has been cursed to exist as a Living Vampire! But what if in attempting to cure himself, he becomes something more‚Ķsomething worse. What monster will Morbius become now?

Created in 1971 by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane, Morbius debuted in Amazing Spider-Man #101. He’s headlined his own title several times before, and has regularly straddled the line between being a hero and a villain.

Look for the new title in November.

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