Dark Horse announces ‘Dragon Age: The Blue Wraith’

Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir and Fernando Heinz Furukawa reunite for a new miniseries by Bioware and Dark Horse.

In the lead up to the New York Comic Con, Dark Horse has announced a new Dragon Age miniseries, spinning out of the popular Bioware video game franchise. While this story takes place after Dragon Age: Inquisition, it actually focuses on a character from the second Dragon Age game — Fenris, the broody, elven former slave turned mage hunter. He’s the “Blue Wraith” noted in the miniseries’ title.

Writers Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir, who previously worked on Dar Horse’s DA Knight Errant and Deception miniseries, return for the new series. They are joined by Fernando Heinz Furukawa, who drew Knight Errant, and colorist Michael Atiyeh. Sachin Teng will provide the covers.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes the series:

Dragon Age: Blue Wraith starts off with the fanatical Qunari seeking to topple the Tevinter mageocracy. Caught in the middle, one powerful young mage’s desperate search for her father brings her face-to-face with a notorious mage hunter—Fenris, the Blue Wraith.

The young mage, it turns out, is a character from their Knight Errant series, Francesca. No word yet if we’ll see any other Dragon Age favorites — I’m always down for a Varric guest appearance — but given the next game is supposed to be set in Tevinter, it makes sense that Fenris has popped up again.

The three-issue miniseries kicks off in January.

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