‘Adventureman!’ by Fraction + Dodsons coming in April

New series has been in production for three years.

The long-gestating Adventureman! by Matt Fraction, Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson will arrive in comic shops this April, according to Terry Dodson on Twitter.

Fraction announced the series at HeroesCon in 2016. “It’s about a retired policewoman with a young son that discovers the fictional adventures of a pulp hero named ‘Adventureman’ weren’t so fictional after all when she inherits his mantle in the present day,” Fraction said at the time. “But she inherits all of his old scores, grudges and enemies, too.”

Fraction also spoke with SyFy Wire about the project in 2017. “It’s with Terry and Rachel Dodson and it is everything that I love about Image,” Fraction said. “It is a big, broad genre comic when the genre is ‘all of the above.’ It’s an adventure story and it stars a family. We want it to be our Raiders [of the Lost Ark], we want it to be our Hellboy, we want it to be our Tintin. It’s world-spanning, globe-trotting, high-adventure kind in a very traditional way at its roots but it’s done our way, but hopefully in a new way.”

You can see some of Dodson’s sketches for the series on Fraction’s Milkfed website.

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