Mail Call | New ‘Avatar,’ ‘Abbott’ and a ‘Batgirl’ debut

Check out recent news and announcements from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse and more.

Mail Call is a roundup of the announcements we’ve received from comics publishers in our mailboxes recently. Hit the links for more information.

Following the end of the Joker War storyline, DC’s current Batgirl series will wrap up with its extra-sized 50th issue this Tuesday. DC has revealed that this issue will also see the debut of Ryan Wilder, the character taking over the Batwoman mantle on The CW’s Batwoman TV show.

Will this new character also take over as Batwoman in the comics? I guess we’ll find out. You can see a preview of that issue here.

The new Avatar movies are still happening at some point, despite many delays. If you’re curious what happened on Pandora after the first movie, Dark Horse has announced a new four-issue miniseries that’s subtitled “The Next Shadow” by Jeremy Barlow and Josh Hood. It’s about Jake and his life among the Na’vi.

The first issue arrives in January.

BOOM! Studios has announced a sequel to Abbot, the Hugo Award-nominated miniseries by Saladin Ahmed and Sami Kivelä. Abbott: 1973 once again focuses on the life of Elena Abbott, a reporter battling a supernatural conspiracy in 1970s Detroit.

“I’m ridiculously thrilled to bring readers a new chapter in Elena Abbott’s life! The first series generated incredible excitement and energy, and we’ve fed off of that to bring you an even bigger story,” said Ahmed. “It’s 1973, Elena is living her best life with Amelia, and Detroit is preparing to elect its first Black mayor. But while Elena’s powers have grown, they may not be enough to stop the shadows that have seized those closest to her—shadows that threaten to engulf the whole city.”

The new series debuts in January.

Image Comics has revealed four variant covers for the second issue of Commanders in Crisis, the new series by Steve Orlando and Davide Tinto. Starting at the top, you have the regular cover by Tinto, followed by covers by Joe Quinones, Brett Booth, Laura Braga and Paul Harding. I really enjoyed the first issue.

The second issue of Friday, the digital “pay what you want” series by Ed Brubaker, Marcos Martin and Muntsa Vicente, is now available on the Panel Syndicate website.

We received this teaser for something coming from Jeff Lemire and Jock next year; no title, publisher or any other details were provided.

If you read Fantastic Four #25 this past week, then you saw the debut of these Fantastic Four emojis created by Will Robson. You can now download them directly from Marvel for use on all your social media.

G. Willow Wilson and Christian Ward’s Eisner-winning Invisible Kingdom will wrap next year as a graphic novel. The Dark Horse/Berger Books series was previously released as monthly comics, but hasn’t been seen since the COVID-19 shutdown.

“At once, both out-of-this world and so close to home, this sweeping tour-de-force about two space-faring women resonates loud and clear in these crazy times,” said the book’s editor, Karen Berger. “Willow and Christian are at the top of their game, and have delivered an ending worth waiting for. It’s pretty incredible!”

Shang-Chi, who is currently starring in a solo miniseries, will also get a one-shot in January titled Legend of Shang-Chi. It’s written by Alyssa Wong with art by Andie Tong, and the description reads: “Someone has been stealing artifacts of WMD potential, and it’s up to Shang-Chi to find this person and stop them.”

Marvel has revealed Phil Noto’s cover for King in Black: Return of the Valkyries #1, which, in addition to Jane Foster and Dani Moonstar, will feature a new Valkyrie — one who looks an awful lot like the one from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This “new” character was designed by Mattia De Iulis.

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