Sunday Comics | Flash Gordon, trolls and Monster MACS!

Check out new comics from Pia Guerra, Joe Infurnari, John Reppion, PJ Holden and Kerry Callen.

Here’s a round up of some of the best comics we’ve seen online recently. If we missed something, let us know in the comments below.

Dec. 5 is the 40th anniversary of the cult classic Flash Gordon film and to celebrate, King Features is doing a host of activities, like re-releasing the film, launching a motion comic and doing a comic strip anthology. Creators like June Brigman, Liniers, Erica Henderson and Tana Ford will participate in Flash Forward and create strips featuring the space-faring hero.

Today’s strip is by Pia Guerra, who is probably best known these days for her political comics but of course is also the artist behind the classic Vertigo series Y: The Last Man.

Trial of the Trolls is a new webcomic by Joe Infurnari, whose previous work includes The Bunker, Mush! and Marathon, among others. He’s releasing it for free on the web rather than through a traditional publishing route, and it looks to be some of his most ambitious work to date.

“Over the last few years, I’ve had to reorient my creativity into a solo writer/artist of comics,” he wrote on his blog. “My first few stabs at creating proposals for publishing were their own uphill battle that helped teach me a lot about writing and developing story ideas. When your best opportunity for publishing is confounded because the approval team can’t distill your idea into something they’ve already seen before, it’s time to go on your own.”

Kerry Callen, creator of Halo and Sprocket and a contributor to MAD Magazine before it folded up shop, shares a #SuperAntics strip on Twitter.

And finally, John Reppion and PJ Holden have launched a fun new webcomic called Monster MACS, or “Macintosh Area Cryptozoological Society.” The strip is available both on their Patreon, with early access, or on Twitter.

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