‘Blackhand Ironhead’ returns for a second season

David Lopez’s digital comic returns at Panel Syndicate today.

David Lopez‘s Blackhand Ironhead returns for a second season today at Panel Syndicate, the digital comics website founded by Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin and Muntsa Vicente. It’s available for download in Panel Syndicate’s traditional “choose your own price” model.

Lopez writes and draws the comic, while Kike J. Diaz provides the colors.

Here’s the description: Alexia and Amy, one a heroine, the other a supervillain, meet at their father’s funeral. They inherit THE FOUNDATION, which keeps the unstable superheroic universe under control. Together they end up destroying it when they discover that it’s a cover for lies and corruption. But, along the way, they have aired too much dirty laundry, and they are now the one’s being persecuted. Although they should be at each other’s throats, they only have on another. Have they really made the right decision?

David López celebrates the difficulties of being a real teenager—diversity, body differences and positivity—while introducing readers to young and empowered characters who learn to know and love their families as people, and not just as parental figures or siblings. 

Head over to Panel Syndicate to download a copy, or check out a few preview pages below.

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