Check out Travis Mercer’s packaging for Foam Armory’s prop armor

The faux armor can be used for cosplay, Halloween costumes and more, and is currently available on Kickstarter.

Foam Armory Dragoon Warrior

For full disclosure purposes, I’ll start by saying that Stephanie Chan is one of the founders of Smash Pages, and contributes not only content for the site but also behind-the-scenes on the tech side. When she’s not doing that, though, she works for Foam Armory, a start-up she co-founded with aeronautical engineering technologist and special effects expert Ben Eadie. Together they create faux armor prop components  for stage, screen, cosplay and more.

Now those two worlds have come together, as they’ve enlisted comic illustrator Travis Mercer (Red Hood: Outlaw, Green Hornet)  to design packaging for their EVA Foam ScaileMaille, which is currently available through a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign has raised more than $36,000 and runs until May 31.

“Travis’ work is high energy and dynamic,” said Chan. “I personally have a lifetime history with comics, and I wanted to bring that world together with my new venture. And after one brief teleconference call, he immediately designed a mascot I would want to cosplay as myself!”

Chan, who also has worked as a colorist in the comics industry, will color the piece herself. Limited edition prints signed by Mercer and Chan are being offered as a Kickstarter reward.

The EVA Foam ScailleMaille caught the attention of Adam Savage, host of the “Tested” podcast, who could not stop praising the EVA Foam ScailleMaille. 

“I love armor and cosplay, cheap ways to make expensive looking stuff. This is amazing for cosplay,” Savage said. “The effects are freakin’ spectacular! What you guys have done is magnificent and I salute you.” The full video can be found on the “Tested” website.

Here’s a look at the product, which has a variety of uses:

  • Viking Helmet by MuchProps
  • EVA Foam ScailleMaille
  • EVA Foam ScailleMaille
  • ScailleMaille boot

EVA Foam ScailleMaile is a breakthrough prop and costume scale mail armor replica product for use by designers, cosplayers and hobbyists for projects such as Halloween costumes, comic convention cosplay, home decor, crafts, LARP events (Live Action Role Playing), renaissance fairs and more. Unlike its metal counterpart, it is lightweight, affordable and comfortable, and is fast and easy to assemble.

Check out the Kickstarter page for more information.

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