New comic finally answers the question, ‘Does Bigfoot know karate?’

Yes. Yes, he does.

If you’re looking for a comic that combines karate, cryptids, Cthulhu and all-out action, then Bigfoot Knows Karate may be the book for you.

David Price, the book’s co-writer and artist, is currently crowdfunding the first chapter on Kickstarter. Although he’s already surpassed his modest $1,000 goal, you can still get in on the fun from now until Nov. 12.

The Kickstarter page describes the project as “a two-fisted slugfest akin to Godzilla Vs. Kong mixed with a healthy dose of martial arts and outright carnage in the vein of Kill Bill, as Bigfoot squares off with KUNG FU ‘THULHU (that’s right. There’s a freaking Cthulhu!).  Add a solid, meaty twist at the end and get ready to follow a gentle, cryptid warrior as he finds his way in a world where anyone can be a hunter and everyone can be the prey. If you enjoy cryptids, kaiju, psychological thrillers, over the top action and a little mystery, get ready for Bigfoot Knows Karate!” 

Price is joined by co-writer/editor Casey Allen for the 30-page, full color comic. “The idea for this book began in 2017 with basic sketches of our title hero,” Price wrote. “After 4 years of Casey telling me to get off my butt and get this project going, and with the help and support of the Instagram and Twitter Indie Communities, both Casey and I are proud as hell to bring you Bigfoot Knows Karate.”

As far as pricing goes, you can get a digital copy by pledging $3 or a print copy for $9. Other tiers offer variant covers, a deluxe edition with added material and digital commissions from Price. You can also add on a T-shirt or a print.

Here’s a preview of some of the interior art:

Check out the Kickstarter page for more information.

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