Quick Hits | More details emerge on several Frank Miller Presents projects

Featuring news on Dan DiDio, Christian Cooper, two new comics retailers and more.

Over the weekend, IGN posted a story featuring artwork and quotes from Dan DiDio about Frank Miller Presents, the new initiative he’s been named publisher for. They also revealed the date of publication for Ronin: Book Two, the first project coming out of FMP — Nov. 23. Miller is working with Phillip Tan and Daniel Henriques on the sequel to his 1980s miniseries.

“Frank’s intimately involved in everything going on. The reason why we’re doing Ronin is because it’s never been exploited before,” DiDio told IGN. “We feel that there’s a lot of areas that Frank has story for. And actually, he’s had this story in mind for Ronin: Book Two since the end of the original series 40 years ago. So this is exciting for him to be able to tell that story because he still carries it with him and he’s finally getting it out.”

Ronin: Book Two by Phillip Tan

A new title, Ancient Enemies, will also come out in November. DiDio created and design the project, with artist Danilo Beyruth. Both projects will be bi-monthly, with each issue costing $7.99 for a 48-page prestige format comic. There’s also Sin City in Color, a new one-shot featuring Sin City — in color! — written by Miller and drawn by Milo Manara.

Finally, The Beat has more details on Pandora, a dark fairy tale by Anthony Maranville and Chris Silvestri with art by Emma Kubert. It’ll run for three issues and starts in December.

Digital Comics | Kakao Entertainment, the parent company of Tapas Media, will merge Tapas with Radish Media, another subsidiary they also bought in May of 2021. Tapas Founder and CEO Chang Kim will lead the merged company. Radish is a mobile fiction company, offering access to prose stories.

Creators | You might remember the story of Christian Cooper, the former comics writer and Marvel editor who was thrown into the national spotlight in 2020 when a white woman walking her dog in New York’s Central Park called the cops on him and said an African-American was threatening her life — just because he asked her to keep her dog on its leash. Cooper was bird-watching at the time, and NPR reports that he now has a new TV show airing on National Geographic called Extraordinary Birder.

Publishing | BOOM! Studios announced they have promoted three — Allyson Gronowitz has been promoted to editor, Ramiro Portnoy has been promoted to associate editor and Dafna Pleban, a longtime BOOM! employee who has been there since 2008, will take over as senior editor of their BOOM! Box imprint.

Retailers | According to a news report on WBTW, Florence, South Carolina “is about to become home to the second-largest comic book store in the United States.” Galactic Comics owner Dale Poston is expanding into a new space, which will offer 14,200 feet of retail space, 10,000 toys, 125,000 comics and a section made up to look like Mos Eisley from Star Wars. Polston credits Mile High Comics, the biggest comic shop in the U.S., for inspiration, as he hopes his store will become a destination spot.

Retailers | Howling Pages, meanwhile, is the newest comic shop opening in Chicago, in its Portage Park neighborhood. The independent bookstore was opened using funds raised on Kickstarter and sells international, local and indie comics; graphic novels with a children’s section; and illustrative and printed local artwork.

Graphic novels | Carina Pereira writes for Book Riot about several recent graphic novels that teach history, including Persepolis and They Called Us Enemy.

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