‘Avengers Unlimited’ coming to Infinity Comics

David Pepose, Farid Karami and Alan Robinson present a story featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and more.

Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort revealed in his Substack newsletter over the weekend plans for a new Infinity Comics series called Avengers Unlimited.

“The idea is to curate a mixture of longer and short stories from all across the length and breadth of the Avengers concept,” Brevoort explained. “But they’re all new, all designed for this format, and all taking place within current mainstream Marvel continuity.”

Marvel’s Infinity Comics line lives on its Marvel Unlimited service and offers “vertical stories” formatted to easily scroll through on a mobile device. Avengers Unlimited follows last year’s X-Men Unlimited, which featured various mutant characters by rotating creative teams.

The first release will run for six chapters and is titled “The Black Ledger.” It’s written by David Pepose, with the first chapter starring Captain America and Iron Man illustrated by Farid Karami, and the second, featuring Thor and the Black Panther, drawn by Alan Robinson.

“It’s a fun format, and I’m having a good time playing with it and seeing how much we can bend and stretch it,” Brevoort continued. “It’s also a great place for me to make use of talents that haven’t yet done a lot for Marvel proper, so look for some new-to-Marvel names coming up in the mix in the weeks ahead.”

He didn’t mention a start date, but look for it on the app soon.

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