DC’s ‘Comics Are Fun For Everyone’ Panel features Superman, Blue Beetle and Bruce Campbell

A new graphic novel by Sina Grace and a surprise appearance from Ash Williams highlight the Comic-Con panel.

In San Diego today, DC’s “Comics Are Fun for Everyone” panel brought plenty of news on upcoming graphic novels like Superman: The Harvest of Youth and Constantine: Distorted Illusions, and also plenty of fun in the form of actor and writer Bruce Campbell.

photo by Carla Hoffman

Campbell was on hand to promote Sgt. Rock vs. The Army of the Dead, his upcoming miniseries with artist Eduardo Risso.

Also at the panel was writer/artist Sina Grace, who, along with colorist Cris Peter, is working on a new Superman graphic novel titled Superman: The Harvests of Youth. The graphic novel features Clark Kent during his high school years in Smallville, as “he grapples with the mortality of his friends and family, teen isolation and the seductive nature of online subcultures built around hate and anger.” It’s not due out until October of 2023.

Novelist and Teen Titans: Raven writer Kami Garcia was also on hand to share a first look at her upcoming original young adult graphic novel Constantine: Distorted Illusions. Drawn by Isaac Goodhart (Victor & Nora) the book “tells a reimagined story of a young Constantine, a new version of a character with foibles and weaknesses that will feel very familiar to longtime fans.” Here are some preview pages:

And here’s the description from DC:

John Constantine is, and has always been, a magician of the highest caliber—who decides he doesn’t need any additional training or guidance. Sensing an opportunity for independence, Constantine falsely accepts an apprenticeship in the United States to instead become the lead singer of his best friend’s punk band, Mucous Membrane. When the band begins to dabble in magic, a complicated spell gets out of hand with disastrous consequences that might be more than Constantine can handle. With stunning art, pulling direct references from iconic Punk venues in their heyday, this book is a fantastic, fast-paced look at punk rock, magic, friendship, and recovering from bad decisions. Constantine: Distorted Illusions is on sale September 27.

Back in 2021 Blue Beetle: Graduation Day made it to the final four of the Dc Round Robin tournament but was eventually beaten out (Robins went on to win). But the series by Josh Trujillo and Adrián Gutierréz is getting a second chance at life, and Trujillo was on hand to talk about it — and share some preview artwork.

Here’s the description: When The Reach interrupts Jaime’s high school graduation, he has to decide what’s best for his future while grappling with both The Reach and his Scarab. Trujillo talked about bringing Starfire into the series, writing mentorship, and introducing a new location, Palmera City, to the DC Universe!

It’s nice to see this get a second chance at life, and hopefully it won’t be the only Round Robin “loser” to find its way into print.

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