Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game officially launches in 2023

Marvel will release a core rulebook and an adventure featuring Kang next summer.

Following the release of the “playtest rulebook” this past spring, Marvel has announced plans to release the core rulebook for their Marvel Multiverse table-top role-playing game next June. That’ll be followed by an adventure book titled The Cataclysm of Kang next July.

If you’re confused, don’t be — the previously released rulebook was essentially a beta test of the new gaming system, allowing Marvel to get feedback from players before releasing the final rules.

“We’re absolutely thrilled with the volume and quality of the feedback the narrators and players gave us on the Playtest Rulebook, and we truly took it to heart for in the core rulebook,” game co-designer Matt Forbeck told “We have a huge playtest update coming out soon that streamlines the game and makes it even easier to understand and play. I can’t wait for fans to try it out ahead of the full release of these books next summer!” 

cover by Iban Coello


Fully updated and expanded from the PLAYTEST RULEBOOK, which is now available, the core rulebook features all the rules that both new and seasoned players alike will need — including quick character creation, bombastic combat, and scores of amazing powers — plus full profiles of dozens of Marvel’s greatest heroes and villains. All that’s needed is the book, three standard six-sided dice, and friends! 

The Smash Pages team has been meaning to set up a playtest session of our own for a few months now, but it hasn’t come together. So I’d add that in addition to the book, dice and friends, you also need some time. The playtest rulebook is, in our eyes, fairly bare bones, and only offered a small set of characters to use that included: Black Panther, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Groot, Iron Man, Rocket Racoon, Spider-Man (Miles or Peter), Storm, Thor and Wolverine. So hearing that it’ll have dozens of characters is a good sign, Hopefully they can expand the roster of female characters to “more than two.”

The fact that the first adventure focuses on Kang is no surprise, given he’s been identified as the big villain of the next round of Marvel movies. Here’s the cover to his adventure:

If it’s anything like those old TSR modules for the original Marvel TTRPG, it’ll likely include character sheets for even more Marvel characters for you to play. Get your dice ready for next summer.

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