Scott + Jack Snyder team for a post-apocalyptic game of The Floor is Lava in ‘By A Thread’

The father and son duo are joined by Valeria Favoccia and Whitney Cogar for the Comixology Originals title.

Scott Snyder, who has extended his deal with Comixology Originals through 2023, has announced a new title he’ll debut on the platform — By A Thread, which will be co-written by his son Jack. Valeria Favoccia and Whitney Cogar are the art team for the project.

By A Thread is described as “a post-apocalyptic adventure about kids surviving in a future after a mysterious and deadly infection spreads across the Earth, making the very ground we tread on untouchable…” The ground is LAVA, kids — stay off of it!

Comixology didn’t share any other details on the project, but Snyder will be at the UK’s Thought Bubble festival this weekend, so expect to hear more about it there.

Snyder and his Best Jackett Press imprint kicked off an eight-comic deal with Comixology last October, bringing We Have Demons, Night of the Ghoul, Clear and more to the platform over the last year. He’s also spearheading Dark Spaces, a publishing initiative with IDW, in addition to writing the ongoing series Nocterra.

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