Gerry Duggan launches ‘The Ginormous Kokjü’ on Substack

The prolific comics writer adds a paid tier to his newsletter and launches a new comic with Scott Koblish.

X-Men and Invincible Iron Man writer Gerry Duggan has joined the numerous other creators on Substack who are offering a paid tier for access to comics. Duggan, along with artist Scott Koblish, created The Ginormous Kokjü, a new comic that only paid subscribers to his newsletter will receive, at least for now.

“I’ve always made time for creator-owned comics and I’ve been working pretty diligently on some secret projects that are now ready to bring into the world,” Duggan said in a post on his newsletter. “The pandemic changed so many things, some projects slowed down, others had more velocity. What’s changed for me is far less travel to comic cons and editorial retreats. I’ve reinvested that clock in more creator-owned collaborations.”

For the new series, Duggan said eh and Koblish are “going to take the piss (and maybe more) out of giant monsters the way we did with superheroes in Deadpool,” adding that the new series will be rated a “Hard R.” The duo are joined by Hi-Fi Colors and Joe Sabino on colors and lettering, respectively.

“It’s our funniest, saddest and most fucked-up comic, and that’s not hyperbole for those familiar with our catalog. We’ve set the highest and the lowest bars possible,” Duggan said.

In addition to this new take on giant monsters, Duggan said he also has a new comic in the works with David O’Sullivan.

The comics will be available to paid subscribers of his newsletter (although the first chapter of Kokjü is free). Duggan is asking for $7 a month or $70 a year for access to the comics and upcoming Zoom hang-outs, or $250 a year to become a “Die Hard” and receive various variant covers and other items throughout the year.

“We’re having so much working on these comics, and that fun is translating to my partners and it’s going to translate to the final product,” Duggan said. “Thanks for the support. As social media really burns down, I think having a clubhouse online is maybe more important than ever? The plan is to make this a permanent home online, and I suspect many of you will have your own creative pursuits, so I think our zoom meetings will probably skew in that direction, we can talk process and collaboration.”

You can sign up for the newsletter — either as a free or paid subscriber — over on Substack.

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