‘Marvel Zombies: Black, White & Blood’ debuts in October

Garth Ennis, Alex Segura and more tell three-color tales of the undead.

Marvel is reviving Marvel Zombies as part of their Black, White & Blood line, which features stories by different artists and writers told with only three colors. The four-issue Marvel Zombies: Black, White & Blood will kick off in October.

Marvel Zombies join Darth Vader, Carnage, Deadpool and of course Wolverine in the line, with this new anthology featuring zombie-fied versions of Spider-Man, Daredevil, Moon Knight and more.

Here’s what to expect in the first issue:

  • Garth Ennis returns to the Marvel Universe for the first time in awhile, with artist Rachael Stott. Together they will reveal the fate of zombie Matt Murdock, as an old accomplice attempts to put him out his misery. 
  • Alex Segura and artist Javi Fernández will pit Peter Parker zombie versions of his loved ones.
  • And new writer Ashley Allen, who worked on DC’s recent Legion of Bloom, makes her Marvel Comics debut with artist Justin Mason for a Moon Knight story. “Discover how Khonshu, god of the moon and vengeance, intervenes during apocalyptic times to protect his loyal avatar, Marc Spector.”

The first issue features a cover by Gabriele Dell’Otto and arrives in stores Oct. 25.

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