Usagi returns to Dark Horse this September

Stan Sakai’s rabbit samurai contends with the mystical villain Jei in a new miniseries.

Stan Sakai’s long-eared samurai, Usagi Yojimbo, will return to Dark Horse this fall in a new miniseries, Usagi Yojimbo: Ice and Snow. The five-issue miniseries is part of Sakai’s Dogu Publishing imprint, which Dark Horse announced last fall.

“I’m very excited, honored and thankful to have my own publishing imprint with Dark Horse,” Sakai said at the time. “As the sole creator and owner of Usagi Yojimbo, this is a significant milestone. I’ve known Mike Richardson for more than 30 years and he is one of the pioneers and champions of creator-owned IP. As the industry continues to change, I feel he brings a unique progressive perspective.”

Dark Horse published Usagi Yojimbo for about 20 years, up until 2019 when it moved to IDW. That relationship did not last long, but did result in several Usagi-related projects, including color versions of the famously black-and-white title and a graphic novel featuring Chibi Usagi. This new miniseries will be in color, thanks to HiFi Colour Design.

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Head to the beach with Archie and Darkling in this preview of ‘Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest’ #315

Check out an exclusive preview of a new story coming in next week’s digest from Archie Comics.

Courtesy of Archie Comics, we’re pleased to help you kick off the summer with a preview of a new story from Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #315, which comes out June 28.

Writer Ian Flynn and artist Holly G! reunite Archie with Darkling, the mystical superhero from the 1980s who he has had his eye on in the past. Darkling’s not really a fan of the beach, but Archie wants to prove that the beach can be fun. Inker Jim Amash, colorist Glenn Whitmore and letterer Jack Morelli help bring this one to life.

Check out the preview below, along with this issue’s cover by Dan Parent and a complete, classic story starring Sabrina the Teenage Witch by Frank Doyle and Stan Goldberg.

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