Peter Bagge returns to ‘Hate’ this summer

Buddy and the gang return to comics in the four-issue miniseries ‘Hate Revisited.’

Hate creator Peter Bagge will return to the legendary series this summer for Hate Revisited, which catches up with Buddy and the gang in the present day.

While detailed the trials and tribulations of life in grunge-era Seattle, the new miniseries will add “a layer of emotional gravitas as Buddy and Lisa and co. are confronted with the consequences of some of their youthful indiscretions.” It’ll contain flashbacks to the 1980s and 1990s, showing the cast in both timeframes.

“While it was suggested to me that I revisit the old Hate cast, once I got started on it, I was more than happy with the results,” Bagge said. “This stuff writes itself! I’m also glad I decided to split it between the present day as well as flashbacks to the ’80s and ’90s. This was especially true with Stinky. I forgot what a loose cannon that character was!”

The miniseries will show Buddy finally dealing with the death of his friend Stinky:

Touted by critics and fans alike as one of the best alternative comic series of all time, HATE is revitalized with fresh new stories featuring the iconic characters Buddy Bradly, Lisa, Valerie, and the gang. Flashing back and forth between the present day and the height of ’90s grunge-era, these new stories return readers to the vivid world of HATE. Finally giving due to Stinky’s shocking suicide, as Buddy is forced to come to terms with his friend’s death, these new comics bring depth and closure to storylines that have been building for over 3 decades.

Look for the first issue of four in June.

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